VPN3000 13-04-2021

Call of Duty malware trap catches cheating gamers

It’s never a good idea to cheat — especially if you end up infecting your device with malware in the process. That’s exactly what happened to a number of Call of Duty players in March 2021. It’s a cautionary tale for anyone considering cheating on a multiplayer game, and a reminder that some downloads aren’t […]

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VPN3000 03-04-2021

SALE: Get Ivacy Now & Save 87% 🐰 🥚

A Deal, Just for You Here’s our Eggcellent VPN deal offer: 5 year’s of Ivacy for just $80. Buy today and enjoy internet freedom with access to 3500 servers and 100+ global streaming channel and more. But hurry! This deal ends on April 10.

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News 03-04-2021

What is zero day?

Most software has had a bug at some point. But what if that bug has the potential to open backdoors for hackers to exploit? Worse still, what if the developers of the software have no idea it exists? Criminals can abuse these so-called zero day vulnerabilities for months or even years before anyone patches them. […]

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VPN3000 31-03-2021

Government side steps fraud as it moves to tackle online harm

The UK Online Harms Bill is a landmark moment amid a wider move to greater online safety. The bill was revealed last year but is yet to make it onto the statute books because of parliamentary delays caused by Covid-19. If not this year it is expected to become legislation next year. However, critics are […]

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VPN3000 29-03-2021

Simple steps to prevent your Facebook account from being hijacked

With well over two billion users worldwide, Facebook is a big juicy target for scammers who want to work their way to ill-gotten gains or just to wreak havoc. Unfortunately it can be easy to become a victim given that scams are widespread and in many cases appear to be authentic. That said, a little […]

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VPN3000 23-03-2021

Protecting gamers and enabling lightning fast game play

Cyber threats against gamers have grown enormously over the past few years yet many gamers think their data is of little value and as such they won’t be hacked. But gaming accounts hold valuable nuggets of data for hackers who can sell it on the dark web, and identity thieves who can exploit it for […]

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VPN3000 20-03-2021

Resident Evil 8 just the latest game plagued by fake demos and early access scams

There’s been a number of scams targeting fans of major upcoming video game releases over the last week or two. Why is this happening, and what can you do to ensure both you and your children avoid such fakeouts? Preview power: the 80s and 90s Back in the 80s, games reviews were only really found […]

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VPN3000 26-02-2021

Scammers, profiteers, and shady sites? It must be tax season

US tax season is upon us, a time of the year when a special kind of vermin comes crawling out of the woodwork: tax scammers! Not that their goals are any different from any other scammers. They want your hard-earned dollars in their pockets. Most of the tax-related attacks follow a few tried and true […]

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VPN3000 18-02-2021

What is ransomware and how can you stop it?

You just finished that thesis you’ve spent years working on. The next day you switch your device on and see a screaming red screen informing you that your files are encrypted and you have to pay 500 USD to retrieve them. You’ve just been hit by a ransomware attack. Learn more about them below. How […]

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VPN3000 06-12-2020

Ivacy VPN – Biggest Cyber Week Deal

CELEBRATE CYBER WEEKWITH THE FASTEST VPN On 5-Year Plan 90% OFF 30-Days Money Back Guarantee

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