BullGuard Internet Security

BullGuard Internet Security 04-02-2021

Give your gaming a boost

The pandemic has been pretty grim all round but for many gamers it has been a bit of boon. Gaming sales have taken off and gamers can game to their hearts content without distraction. Nintendo sales tripled in the half year to September 2020 while global gaming industry sales have topped $10bn (£7.6bn) each month […]

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BullGuard Internet Security 14-12-2020

Don’t get scammed online this holiday season

There is something like two billion people across the globe that regularly shop online today. That’s roughly about one in four of the world’s population. During the Christmas holiday season, online shopping surges to an annual peak and it’s probably higher than ever as a result of the pandemic and lockdowns. It’s also a huge […]

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BullGuard Internet Security 05-12-2020

BullGuard Top Protection, Top Product

BullGuard has gained top ranking in an AV-Test Institute product review for BullGuard Internet Security. The tests were run over September and October 2020 and BullGuard gained maximum scores in all three assessment areas; protection, performance and usability, placing it in the Top Product category. A total of twenty two home cybersecurity products were evaluated and AV-Test […]

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BullGuard Internet Security 20-11-2020

BullGuard Black Friday SALE

Black Friday sale has started. Get your Bullguard Antivirus or VPN now. 50 % OFF Internet Security 70 % OFF BullGuard VPN Click here (Sale ends 30 November 2020)

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VPN3000 06-10-2020

BullGuard 2021

If there is a single rule in cybersecurity it can be best summed up in the phrase ‘You can’t stand still.’ The cybersecurity landscape always throws up new threats as cybercriminals and hackers identify and exploit new vulnerabilities, adapt their tactics to leverage emerging technologies, and take advantage of rising digital trends such as the […]

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