BullGuard Internet Security

BullGuard Internet Security 10-04-2021

What is hardware-based two-factor authentication?

You’re probably familiar with two-factor authentication (2FA), a security method that uses two different authentication methods at the same time, such as entering a password and then receiving a SMS code on your phone, to verify your identity. It’s a robust security tool that foils attackers who may have got hold of your passwords.  This […]

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BullGuard Internet Security 07-04-2021

20 billion personal records exposed

Now that the figures are in by any standard 2020 was a dismal year for cyber protection.  Twenty billion personal information records were exposed online, lost or hacked.  The number is so big it’s near impossible to visualise. We can picture a 100,000 football fans cramming into a stadium, 30,000 people competing in a marathon […]

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VPN3000 31-03-2021

Government side steps fraud as it moves to tackle online harm

The UK Online Harms Bill is a landmark moment amid a wider move to greater online safety. The bill was revealed last year but is yet to make it onto the statute books because of parliamentary delays caused by Covid-19. If not this year it is expected to become legislation next year. However, critics are […]

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VPN3000 29-03-2021

Simple steps to prevent your Facebook account from being hijacked

With well over two billion users worldwide, Facebook is a big juicy target for scammers who want to work their way to ill-gotten gains or just to wreak havoc. Unfortunately it can be easy to become a victim given that scams are widespread and in many cases appear to be authentic. That said, a little […]

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Bullguard VPN 25-03-2021

Fight for online privacy gathers pace

Every time we go online our movement are tracked, data collected and collated and typically sold on to anonymous third parties. This can include personally identifiable information. Today, it’s normal, expected and the foundation for business models which generate huge profit. This has happened almost quietly, without much of an outcry, largely because big tech […]

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VPN3000 23-03-2021

Protecting gamers and enabling lightning fast game play

Cyber threats against gamers have grown enormously over the past few years yet many gamers think their data is of little value and as such they won’t be hacked. But gaming accounts hold valuable nuggets of data for hackers who can sell it on the dark web, and identity thieves who can exploit it for […]

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BullGuard Internet Security 18-03-2021

BullGuard Internet Security – Certified Proof of Peak Excellence

BullGuard Internet Security has won AV-TEST Institute’s highest and most coveted honour, the AV Test Award, for setting new standards in consumer cyber security protection. AV-TEST, an independent testing lab, that rigorously evaluates cyber security products said: BullGuard Internet Security provides cyber protection of the “highest level.” It stood out among competitors because it continuously […]

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BullGuard Internet Security 27-02-2021

Can hackers exploit your IP address?

76% Off for BullGuard VPN – 2 Year plan An IP address is like a real-world address. It identifies a PC, a laptop, smartphone, or any other device on a network. If you want to download a movie, check out a web page, or do something else on the internet the request is sent out […]

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BullGuard Internet Security 16-02-2021

AI-powered malware… theory or fact?

You may have heard of artificial intelligence (AI) driven malware. It’s painted as the stuff of nightmares, smart malicious algorithms that rule the roost in on-going cyber wars, the spearhead of a dystopian digital world, which can mimick a CEO’s emails down to comma, dashes and verbs, malware that can be released by facial recognition […]

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BullGuard Internet Security 12-02-2021

Online dating tips for Valentine’s Day

Dating has become even harder because of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns. But social distancing hasn’t done much to dampen people’s desire to meet and connect. If anything it might have given this human need it a bit more of an edge. And with Valentine’s Day approaching this edge might have got a little sharper. […]

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