May 8, 2021


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BullGuard VPN wins VPN Solution of the Year 2020

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BullGuard VPN has scooped the VPN Solution of the Year award in the coveted 2020 CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards. It’s an enviable accolade given the considerable competition in this area. BullGuard VPN took the crown because of its innovation, performance, ease of use, functionality, value, and impact, all qualities the judges were looking for.

Many people don’t use a VPN because they think it requires technical expertise and is too complex for them. With BullGuard VPN nothing could be further from the truth. You simply click on the country you want to connect to the internet from and that’s it – you’re connected.

Your IP address, that is your geographical location, is masked and anyone or any website trying to identify your location thinks you are accessing the internet from the country you clicked on.

This ease-of-use feature was a stand-out quality for the judges who recognise that the online privacy and anonymity provided by BullGuard VPN is extremely important in a digital world where privacy has been eroded to the point that it no longer exists.

  • BullGuard VPN works by hiding a user’s IP address, preventing others from monitoring their online browsing activity, the websites they visit, what they download, and what services and applications they use.
  • It’s perfect for public Wi-Fi networks, which are typically poorly protected, given that it encrypts data with super-tough encryption and sends it through a secure tunnel, so all data leaving a device is 100% secure and private. 
  • Unlike other VPN services, BullGuard VPN has a strict no-logs policy. This means, unlike many other VPN’s, no records are kept of your browsing activity. And if there are no records they can’t be requested by government agencies many of whom are increasingly encroaching on citizens’ right to privacy.

The judges were deeply impressed by these qualities as well as other features including the fact that BullGuard VPN runs on Windows, Android, and iOS machines as well as Macs, protects up to six devices simultaneously, has no limits on data, and all for the cost of a cup of coffee each month.

It also has a raft of other impressive features that guarantee ease-of-use and privacy such as automatic launch at startup, a manual “on/off” button, and a kill switch that automatically blocks the user’s device or terminates certain programs from accessing the internet outside the secure VPN tunnel if the VPN connection drops off. 

If you want an easy to use, super robust, and low-cost VPN, and one endorsed by a prestigious award, then look no further than here.

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